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The main focus of our group is the theoretical investigation of quantum transport phenomena in novel solid state systems. Our interest spans from mesoscopic two dimensional electron gas to molecular electronics. From electronic transport properties to optical spectroscopy. We employ state of the art numerical computations and simple analytic models to understand challenging new and exciting problems of the emerging field of nanoscience. To understand the dynamics and fundamental properties of particles at the nanoscale, quantum mechanics must be applied.

In recent years our attention has turned to a variety of low dimensional electron systems, such as carbon based novel materials like carbon nanotubes or graphene, boron nitride, dichalcogenides, a selection of intriguing molecules and the surface states of topological insulators. These systems have several interesting properties that make them not only interesting for theoretical investigations but could also lead to revolutionary applications from wearable electronics to quantum computers. To take control of these peculiar features a comprehensive and detailed theoretical study is needed. Our approach offers a solution to treat these challenges in a unified manner.

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Spin-hedgehog found in graphene

The recent paper of the researchers of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie confirmed the predictions of our group. The hedgehog and the anti-hedgehog had already been present in the previously realized graphene systems. However, they were inseparably superimposed. Only by breaking of the sublattice symmetry, the hedgehog could be separated from the anti-hedgehog.